The 13th Anniversary Celebration of Huajunsheng Group: A Journey of Success and Innovation

Shenzhen Huajunsheng Technology Co., Ltd. (HJS OPS), a leading manufacturer of OPS Mini PCs, celebrated its 13th anniversary on March 18, 2023, in Shenzhen. The grand event was attended by more than 500 esteemed customers and suppliers from the display industry, who gathered to commemorate the tremendous achievements and milestones of the Huajunsheng Group over the past 13 years.


A Brief History of Huajunsheng Group

Founded in 2009, the Huajunsheng Group has grown exponentially to boast a workforce of more than 200 employees, including a dedicated team of 30 R&D engineers. The company's sprawling 15,000-square-meter factory is equipped with state-of-the-art automation equipment, such as SMT, Wave Soldering, and Auto Optical Inspection, which allows for the production of high-quality products that meet international standards.


The Core Competence: OPS Mini PCs

At the heart of Huajunsheng's success lies its flagship offering - the OPS Mini PC. Compatible with all interactive flat panels on the market, these compact yet powerful computing devices have found widespread applications in both education and conference facilities worldwide.


To cater to varying customer requirements, Huajunsheng's OPS PCs are powered by Intel CPUs ranging from the 2nd to the 12th generation, with multiple RAM and hard disk options available. Moreover, all products comply with CE, FCC, and RoHS standards, ensuring they meet safety, reliability, and environmental regulations.


Comprehensive Services: OPS PC OEM & ODM

Huajunsheng Group takes pride in providing not only high-quality products but also a comprehensive suite of services to meet their customers' specific needs. This includes OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services, backed by a highly skilled and professional team in R&D, sales, quality control, and support.


The 13th Anniversary Celebration: A Night to Remember

The 13th anniversary celebration was a testament to the company's dedication to excellence and a showcase of its accomplishments. The event featured:

Speeches: Keynote speeches from the company's founder and CEO, as well as esteemed guests, highlighted the journey of Huajunsheng Group, its achievements, and its vision for the future.

Awards and Recognition: The celebration also served as an opportunity for the company to recognize the hard work and dedication of its employees, honoring them with awards and certificates.

Product Showcases: Guests had the chance to experience firsthand the latest OPS Mini PCs and other innovative offerings from Huajunsheng Group, including interactive demos and presentations.

Entertainment and Networking: The evening was filled with engaging performances, delicious food, and ample opportunities for guests to network and forge new business relationships.


Looking Forward: A Bright Future for Huajunsheng Group

As Huajunsheng Group enters its 14th year, the company remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and maintaining its position as an industry leader. With a strong foundation in R&D and a relentless focus on quality, Huajunsheng Group is poised to continue delivering cutting-edge OPS Mini PCs and exceptional customer service.


In conclusion, the 13th anniversary celebration of Huajunsheng Group was a resounding success, reflecting the company's unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence. As the company strides into the future, it will undoubtedly continue to set new milestones and redefine the landscape of the OPS Mini PC market.


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