Our Exhibition at the Moscow International Education Fair on April 3-4, 2024

Our Exhibition at the Moscow International Education Fair on April 3-4, 2024

This past April, Shenzhen HJS Technology Group was proud to participate in the prestigious Moscow International Education Fair, a pivotal event held on April 3-4, 2024, that brought together innovators, educators, and industry leaders from across the globe. Our presence at the fair was not just about showcasing our products; it was a significant step towards integrating our advanced OPS technology into the Russian educational framework and expanding our reach in international markets.


Introduction to Shenzhen HJS Technology Group's Participation


As a leading provider of educational technology solutions, Shenzhen HJS Technology Group seized the opportunity at the Moscow International Education Fair to present our cutting-edge OPS products, OPS PCs, and interactive panel displays. These products are designed to enhance educational delivery through technology, making learning more interactive, engaging, and efficient.


Highlighting OPS Technology at the Fair


OPS Products: Enhancing Interactive Learning


Our booth featured an array of OPS computers and interactive panel displays, drawing attention from numerous visitors, including educators, technology enthusiasts, and corporate representatives. The OPS product line, known for its versatility and performance, was demonstrated through interactive sessions where participants could experience the technology firsthand. This hands-on approach helped visitors understand the potential impact of our technology in educational settings.


Demonstrations and Workshops


Throughout the fair, we conducted live demonstrations and workshops to showcase the real-world applications of our OPS PCs and interactive panel displays. These sessions highlighted how our technology could be seamlessly integrated into classrooms to foster a collaborative learning environment and facilitate educational activities that engage both students and teachers.


Engaging with Russian Educational Groups and Corporates


A significant aspect of our participation was the interaction with numerous Russian school groups and corporate entities. These engagements provided us with valuable insights into the specific needs and expectations of the Russian educational sector.


Understanding Local Educational Needs


By interacting directly with local educators and administrators, we gained a deeper understanding of the challenges and requirements unique to Russian educational institutions. This insight is crucial for tailoring our OPS products and services to better meet the needs of local markets.


Networking with Industry Leaders


The fair also served as an excellent platform for networking with other technology providers and well-known enterprises such as Auvix, Smartmate, Polymedia, DIGIS, and Ancomp. Exchanging ideas and discussing potential collaborations with these companies enabled us to explore new technologies and strategies to enhance our product offerings.


Forging New Business Relationships


One of the primary goals of attending the Moscow International Education Fair was to forge new business relationships and strengthen existing ones. The interactions and meetings held at the fair have opened doors to numerous potential partnerships and projects.


Potential Collaborations


Discussions with potential partners focused on integrating our OPS technology into the Russian education system and exploring joint ventures that could lead to innovative educational solutions. These collaborations are expected to pave the way for future projects that could significantly impact educational practices in Russia.


The Future of OPS Technology in Education


Looking ahead, the successful showcasing of our OPS products at the Moscow International Education Fair marks just the beginning of our journey into the Russian market and beyond.


Innovations on the Horizon


With the insights gained from the fair, our R&D team is already exploring new innovations in OPS technology to make our products even more effective and adaptable to different educational settings. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation to ensure our technology meets the evolving needs of educators and students worldwide.


Expanding Global Reach


The positive reception to our OPS products and interactive displays at the fair has encouraged us to further expand our reach into other international markets. By continuing to participate in such influential fairs, we aim to establish Shenzhen HJS Technology Group as a global leader in educational technology.




The Moscow International Education Fair was not only a venue for showcasing our technology but also a significant milestone for Shenzhen HJS Technology Group in terms of international expansion and collaboration. As we move forward, we are excited about the opportunities to transform educational environments around the world with our OPS products and interactive panel displays. Our journey at the Moscow fair has been a testament to the potential of technology in education, and we are eager to continue this path of innovation and growth.


By successfully engaging with the local and international educational community, we are set to lead the wave of technological integration into education, making learning more accessible, engaging, and effective for all.

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